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Glass Tile and Supply Chain

This past year it has become apparent that supplies of all varieties have started dwindling due to supply chain issues. It could be quite a while before our world wide issues straighten themselves out. I sat down to consider this broad "Oh No" moment and wondered what I could do to manage this problem.

My first thought was to work with what was available to me within the US. The solution was obvious. I would source everything I needed from US suppliers and approach my dilemma head on. It felt great to have a plan going forward, especially knowing it would support other US businesses. I wanted to find small businesses to support, as well as really lean into the relationships I already had.

I have always offered hand cut, fused glass as a specialty item.  I work with an amazing supplier of hand made glass in Portland, Oregon named Bullseye Glass.  I use their product for glass artistry in my studio, I offer it to students who take my classes, and I have dabbled with it in my business offering stunning tile options for use in our designs.

An example of custom glass in our blends.
Blend: Fresca! | MBS-3429017

Now I was going to use this hand made glass to grow my business in these lean supply chain moments.  This will no longer be considered  just an occasional accent, but a full on design of beautiful fused glass tile.

I talked to my customers,  introducing this new intention, so filled with potential.  I could hear the light bulbs turning on.  I started to see the business turn in this direction.

Here is an example of this process.  I can't wait to share this with you. 

We are working on building a tool where you can see all the colors and finishes, but for now you can request any color you can think of and we'll send you sample images.

I can make any size tile for you in squares, circles, rectangles and in a mix of these sizes.  Do you want 6 different size circles in 12 different colors for your shower or pool or backsplash?  Let's start with getting you a sample.  How exciting is this!

Here's one example:

My customer came to me 2 months ago looking for 2" glass circles in transparent rainbow colors to illuminate the air traffic control tower he works at in Dayton, Ohio. OK! Let's do this!

The Process

1. We purchase the glass in half sheets in the customer's color selection. We will work with you to determine the color and finish, and order in the raw materials from our supplier.

Raw Glass Sheets

2. Next we cut the glass down into working strips, and scribe the 2" circles.  In this instance we cut out the circles from the half sheets to get the shape for the custom tile.

Half Glass Sheets
Scribing Glass Sheets

3. We then fuse it in our onsite kilns. This is a delicate process that requires a strong understanding of the heat cycles to achieve the right finish.

Glass Firing in Kiln

4. For this order, the customer needed 250 2" circles in the 7 rainbow colors. 

Yellow Glass Circles

5. And here's the finished product, custom tile lights up the night sky!

Glass Tower

If you want to think out of the box, we know how to help you.

Whether this be for your condo, home, restaurant, hotel or casino, a tiny job to a massive job, we can manage this all the way from inception to delivery.

Give us a call to discuss!  I am having so much fun dreaming up and executing ideas and can't wait to work on yours! 1-866-939-1033

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