Fiesta Ware Tile

I am drawn to color like a moth to a flame. Being surrounded by color of every value and hue settles me, helps me be me. When I started my business 20+ years ago, I came to it as a painter, that was my whole reference. My business was my new canvas and hard surface color was my new paint.

I designed blends for customers with the same fearlessness that I had painted with. I purchased as many pinks, oranges, limes, reds as I could find. To my surprise color in the glass tile world was not easy to find at all! Every new color acquisition was a victory! I built my catalog of hand picked color SKUs and designed for my growing audience.

I had always been a personal fan of a line of pottery called Fiesta Tableware, collecting their pitchers and dinnerware in Art Deco style, concentric circles highlighting the bright colors. The first 6 colors of Fiesta were Red, Yellow, Cobalt Blue, Green and Ivory. Turquoise was added in 1937. I loved that collectors prized their bounty, displaying them proudly throughout their homes. Some collectors prefer the original colors, while others enjoy the trendsetting new colors released one a year since 1937. The original colors reigned supreme until the 1940's. A change in fashion direction dictated a move to a softer pastel palette. In the 1960's the brighter colors trended back into vogue. By the late 1960's earth tones were in fashion and Fiesta responded in kind. Today, there is a total collection of all the 47 Fiesta Ware colors available to collectors.Fiestaware

I wanted to design a blend of glass tile that Fiesta Ware collectors could install on their kitchen backsplashes, picking up on the colors in the full collection. We call this blend Color Splash.

Color Splash

It is one of our most popular glass tile designs. The fun part for customers is that we are making this by hand for each customer. If you want certain colors only, we are happy to make it in that colorway for you. You just need to tell us! There is no difference in price to you. Customers are also putting this blend as a waterline in their pool, in their showers and on their bathroom floors! Indoors or outdoors, it is a perfect touch!

Color Splash Kitchen 1

Color Splash Kitchen 2

Color Splash Kitchen 3

I recently had several long design conversations with a customer who wanted to create her own blend of Fiesta Ware tile with her important colors featured. She was inspired to call and talk to us after seeing our Color Splash / Fiesta Ware design. This is the beauty of my business. We gave her the idea, she thought it through and then we created it exactly to her specifications, affordably and quickly. Here is what she installed on her kitchen backsplash.

Color Splash Blend

Fiesta Ware collectors! Please contact us today to help you create your vision!


Connie Fint

Connie Fint

Do you still have the design your own feature? I don’t seem to find it on your website. It was great when you had it before. Miss having it .

Centella Tucker

Centella Tucker

Is this still available? I bought this in 2018 to remodel my kitchen. That house burned to the ground in the Dixie fire in 2021. I now have the opportunity to re-create that kitchen and would love to get this tile again.

Candace Haynes

Candace Haynes

I love ALL the colors and have been collecting through the years Although my collection is small, I have tried to achieve every color. These colors make my heart sing! I am currently doing an unplanned, unbudgeted, kitchen renovation due to water damage! What is the price per square foot? Would LOVE to do a Fiesta backsplash!!! What a dream come true!



Could you tell me how much a square foot please. I’m doing a RV renovation and would like the white tiles with yellow, red, and blue also. Thank you!

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