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Purple Haze

18 different glass and metal tiles in shades of blue, purple, pink, green, brown, silver and red are combined to form this custom mosaic blend we will make by hand for you in our studios in upstate New York.

This mosaic features speckled, marbled, iridescent, metallic and other tiles.

SKU: 9861849 | Tile Catalog Code: MBS-9861849

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Using sheets of 1 sq. feet each, you will need at least yyy sheets. To ensure your installation is successful we recommend purchasing a little extra to make sure you don't come up short due to cutting or measurement error. For a project of your size we recommend purchasing an additional __ sheets.



This mosaic tile blend is arranged in a grid layout.

Each sheet contains the following tiles blended together in a random fashion:

10C163/4 Inch Olive Green Glass Tile
15B283/4 Inch Caribbean Aqua Blue Glass Tile
14B443/4 Inch Dark Tobacco Brown Glass Tile Super Sale
3C333/4 Inch Dark Lavender Purple Glass Tile
9D1003/4 Inch Red Glass Tile
4B713/4 Inch Christmas Tree Green 2 Glass Tile
14TA293/4 Inch Transparent Green Blue Glass Tile
5PB323/4 Inch Merlot and White Marbled Glass Tile
94M03113/4 Inch Square Stainless Steel Tile
3TB543/4 Inch Transparent Teal Blue Glass Tile
3TC443/4 Inch Transparent Walnut Brown Glass Tile Super Sale
13TB723/4 Inch Transparent Christmas Green Glass Tile
3FS593/4 Inch Creamy Peach Butterscotch Pink Iridescent Glass Tile
7B663/4 Inch Sea Foam Blue Glass Tile
6A433/4 Inch Dark Caramel Brown Glass Tile
9GB363/4 Inch Lavender Blue Gold Marbled Glass Tile
24GA653/4 Inch Ice Blue Gold Marbled Glass Tile
45C353/4 Inch Eggplant Purple Glass Tile

Additional Info

Additional Info

SKU 9861849
Custom Susan Jablon Product No
Discontinued No
Tile Catalog Code MBS-9861849
Sheet Area (sq. ft.) 1
Overall Sheet Dimensions No
Sheet Mosaic Pattern Pattern is not specified at this time. Please contact us for more information.


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