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How to Install Glass Tile

Glass Tile Creation

Installing glass tiles can be a tricky process and we recommend that first-time tilers start with a small project like a simple mosaic wall hanging. Larger, more complicated projects are best left to the professionals. Trust us, we’ve heard some real do-it-yourself horror stories.

However, tiling can be an incredibly fun and rewarding project for crafters and novice contractors alike.  Our step-by-step instructions will take you through the stages of a typical glass tile installation. Visit our Accessories Store to stock up on everything you need to complete a typical project.


Work surface should be clean, dry, level, and free of cracks before beginning to tile. A wire brush works best to remove dirt, mortar, and most other stuck-on substances, though a sandblaster may be necessary for those really stubborn ones. If surface is uneven or cracked, leveling compound and crack suppression membranes should be used.

Prepare tiles to fit work area. Use a wheeled nipper to cut glass tiles to fit around outlets or to create a tight edge.


Apply Thinset evenly to surface using the flat edge of a 3/16" V-Notch Trowel. Because glass tiles are non-absorbent, it is necessary to use a latex-modified Thinset designed for use with glass tiles.  (These Thinsets contain latex or acrylic, which prevent them from shrinking during the drying process and weaken their bond to the tiles.)

When an even layer of Thinset has been applied to the desired surface, use the notched edged of the trowel to comb ridges in the Thinset.

* Susan Jablon Mosaics QuickTip: When using tiles attached to paper, remember that the backs of the tiles are the sides NOT attached to the paper.  When using blends held together with clear glass tile tape, it is helpful to run a razor blade down every other grout line, allowing the mortar to breathe.  This drying process can take a few days.  Do not try to remove the tile tape until the mortar is dry.

Carefully press tiles into thinset

Let Thinset dry. This will usually take around 24-72 hours. High altitude and low temperatures may affect the drying time.


Make sure surface is clean and free of dirt before beginning to grout. Following the manufacturer’s instructions, mix grout until it reaches the consistency of peanut butter. 

Use a grouting float to apply grout to the surface of tiles. To ensure the grout gets between all spaces, apply it in an upward diagonal motion then spread back and forth. 

Clean remaining grout from the surface of tiles using first the edge of the grouting float and then wipe dry with many paper towels. Keep all grout removal tools dry to remove grout. Any wet tools such as a sponge will just keep the grout smearing.

Detail the tiles, removing all remaining grout from the surfaces of the tiles.  Be meticulous with this process, at this point time, as any grout left on the surface cannot be removed once fully dry. Let grout set for 24 hours

Allow sufficent time for the tiles to dry. Use our drying reference chart to determine how long this will take.

Please refer to our grout page for information on different grout types.

Kitchen Backsplash before glass tile       ==>    Kitchen Backsplash with glass tile