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 Spectralight Shower Accents


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spectralight bathroom shower and accent tiles

Spectralight Bathroom Shower

This classic shower is nothing but a vision of beauty, combining white glass tiles with a border of light green, bringing the classic look to a greco-roman level simply through the use of glass tiles.


spectralight shower tiles and green accents

Spectralight Shower Tile with Green Accents

Seen from another angle, the glass tile work in this shower is nothing short of exquisite, the shocking accuracy and beautiful accents truly do make glass tile seem like a wonderful idea for any space in any home.


spectralight bathroom floor tiles with blue accent

Spectralight Bathroom Floor Tile with Blue Accent

 The border theme that introduced itself in the shower has now spilled over onto the floor! creating a beautiful motif in color and line to play out throughout the bathroom.


spectralight bathroom shower

Spectralight Bathroom Shower

 The beauty of a shower completely tiled in one suble, yet beautiful, color give this bathroom class. Using Susan Jablon Mosaics' glass tiles to redo your bathroom will give you a room to be proud of, as well as a personal sanctuary.


spectralight bathroom floor tiles with blue accents

Spectralight Bathroom Floor Tiles with Blue Accents

The light blue border around the white that covers most of the floor shows us exactly why glass tiles have gained such a vivacious following: their beauty and versatility!


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