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Shimmerfly Patio Firepit


The Roxbury Hotel


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Relaxing and beautiful all at once, day or night, this firepit always shines!
 Shimmerfly Patio Firepit - The Roxbury
 This patio boasts an out-of-this-world fire pit, which is tiled in both white and black Shimmerfly glass tiles. The fire and sunlight both seem to play with the iridescence of the tiles, creating an entrancing effect, perfect for relaxation and conversation!
These Shimmerfly glass tiles make this fire pit all the more entrancing.
 Shimmerfly Patio Firepit - The Roxbury
When this firepit is lit, the fire snakes through lime green crystals, creating a brilliant effect. This effect is furthered when the light of the fire shines and shimmers across the surface of the black and white Shimmerfly glass tiles used in its surroundings.


Onward to The Shimmer Spa.


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The Roxbury, Roxbury, NY -

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