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Moving Up

Moving Up Kitchen

For homeowners curious about the state of their homes after moving on to bigger and better places, TLC’s Moving Up provides the solution. Doug Wilson, host of the hip reality-design show, follows a group of homeowners as they move into one another’s homes and slowly transform the interiors to match their own tastes. Horrified past-owners watch as treasured wall art is covered with wallpaper or see vintage kitchens transformed into modern great rooms.

Connected to TLC through her appearances on Trading Spaces, Susan Jablon got involved Moving Up Kitchen with Moving Up during its first season on the air. Her chic tile blends were used in the renovation of kitchens and bathrooms. Showcasing a rapidly growing glass tile design trend, she also created a blend of glass mosaic tile to cover the 2,000 square foot floor of one home.

From one design show to the next, Susan Jablon's simple philosophy of beautiful tiles and quality service has made her a fixture on TLC’s hottest design shows. The beauty and versatility of her tiles, sold at reasonable prices and with over-the-top customer service, make her the perfect fit for Moving Up and the rest of the TLC’s home renovation lineup. Tune in to Moving Up to catch a glimpse of Susan's unique blends, or see pictures from the installation in our Amazing Glass Mosaic Tile Gallery.

Moving Up Kitchen

For more information, check local listings or visit the Moving Up TV Show web site.