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Zen Philadelphia Blend Kitchen


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This is a kitchen area decorated with a Philadelphia blend of glass mosaic tiles for a backsplash with sink.

Philadelphia Blend Zen Sink Backsplash
There is something many of us look for especially, within our own own homes, and that's tranquility. Often the right décor is needed to create the environment that will give you that Zen feeling you are trying to accomplish. Using this Philadelphia blend as color choice does just that, giving your kitchen a calm, serene feeling. This backsplash is only one in an endless combination of color styles to choose from at Susan Jablon Mosaics. Looking to give your kitchen a different look? Designer glass mosaic tiling might
well give you exactly the effect you've been looking for.


Here is a unique looking kitchen of different color glass mosaic tiles, leaving an amazing stove backsplash.

Kitchen Stove with Philadelphia Blend Zen Backsplash
Simplicity and tranquility, in relationship to your home, are two things you can easily accomplish when you use the right materials. With our array of different colors and styles of glass tile, both of those things are easily within reach. Create an environment that makes a statement and presents your kitchen
exactly the way you envision.

This Philadelphia Blend tiling from the Zen Gardens Collection creates a kitchen back splash with teal, turquoise and orange glass mosaic tile. This brings out the charm of the kitchen's subtle countertops, sleek stainless steel fixtures and understated decor.

Any of our blends can be modified to suit your personal taste
using our Custom Blend Tile Designer


You can play with and/or modify any of our blends, or create your own from scratch, in our brand-new, completely redesigned Custom Blend Tile Designer.

Gallery - Kitchens - Bathrooms - Pools & Spas - Commercial - Mix & Match