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Glass Mosaic Tile Design Grids


We offer a Glass Mosaic Tile Design Grid, for 3/4 inch Tile.

glass mosaic tile design grid for creating your own patterns or photo mosaics While abstract mosaic blends create beautiful backdrops for kitchen backsplashes and bathroom countertops, oftentimes customers are interested in creating a more specific design. Whether you envision a Greek-inspired geometric border wrapping around the walls of your steam room or pool, or you simply want to create a basic mosaic wall hanging, designing your own mosaic pattern can be a fun and rewarding step of your next glass tile installation. 

Susan Jablon Mosaics offers glass tile design grids for customers interested in creating their own mosaic patterns. These sturdy plastic frames will hold tiles in
spectralight mosaic tile mural place as you experiment with different designs. Thin grid-dividers keep tiles equidistant from one another and provide the necessary space for grouting. Design grids are a must-have for anyone considering creating their own unique pattern for their next glass tile installation.

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Design Grid for 3/4" Glass Mosaic Tile

$15.00 -  3/4" Tile Design Grid 

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