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Susan Jablon Tile Ideas In Pools & Spas:

Glass Mosaic Tile in Pools & Spas

The construction of a pool is often a complicated process that involves balancing logistical details with landscape design.

In recent years glass pool tile has become the hip new materials choice for pools. While tile has always been the up-scale option in pool finishing materials, in today's design world, mosaic glass tile has taken the place of porcelain, which is now considered passe in the pool design world. Today, a glass-tiled pool reflects a designer's taste and creative personality in the way that a porcelain-tiled pool once did, only with much more potential for creativity and originality.

Glass tile’s rising popularity in pool design is due to both functional qualities and versatility in design. Because glass tiles are waterproof, no additional treatment is required to reinforce or increase water resistance to tile surfaces. Glass pool tiles won’t warp or fade and are easy to clean and maintain, helping them to stay looking new for many years after their installation.

Design-wise, glass tiles are equally ideal for pool surfaces. Iridescent glass tiles glow when exposed to light. When they are submerged in water, this affect is only amplified. Well-lit glass tiles glisten and reflect light back into the water. Because of their ability to manipulate and magnify light, glass tiled pools are bright, clear, and sparkle from every angle.

The color, size, and finish of tiles will have a major affect on the finished look of the pool and so all of these attributes must be carefully considered during the design process. Because glass tiles can be produced in such a wide variety of shapes, colors, and finishes, they can be easily incorporated in to any pool décor, be it traditional, modern, or natural.

Color alone can be a powerful tool that transforms the look of a pool. Light tiles have a brightening effect, making water look tropically crystal clear, while dark tiles will darken the appearance of water. Common pool design trends incorporate tropical colors—shades of blue, turquoise, and green—in both random and geometric patterns. Glass tiles can be used to pattern the entire pool bottom, or to create a unique border around walls. Pools take on a truly unique look when tiles are used in mosaic artwork on the floors of pools and hot tubs.

Coming Soon: Use the Susan Jablon Mosaics Photo Mosaic Creator to tile your favorite photo or hotel logo onto into your pool! Soon, you’ll be able to easily create a gorgeous custom mosaic blend from an electronically submitted photo, like one of our clients did with this Koi Pool.

The combination of city regulations, landscape limitations, and the imperatives of creating a “pool-scape”, places great demands upon the creative mind, and we can help you with your pool-design process. The design of pool walls and floors has as much of an impact on the finished ‘look’ of the pool as its shape and size. The most beautiful designer pools are works of art; drawing upon the latest pool design trends, and utilize only the highest quality materials. By doing this, they create a backyard oasis as unique as the individuals lounging beside them.

No matter if it's an Olympic Size, Teardrop, Custom Shape, Lap, or Endless Pool, it will look fantastic covered in stunning designer glass mosaic tile. Glass tiles have a natural look that perfectly complements lagoon style pools. Using a simple blend of cobalt blue tiles, one client created a striking pool with water that took on the powerful yet calm color of the tiles. Incorporating a gradient blend on walls creates the appearance of moving water, perfect for the space surrounding a waterfall or the swirling waves of an attached hot tub.

Whether you’re looking for a way to bring simple style to your pool or are dreaming of transforming your backyard into a tropical oasis, glass tiles are the perfect solution for modern and elegant pool design. Visit our Amazing Glass Mosaic Tile Gallery to see examples of how our clients have used Susan Jablon Mosaics' glass tiles to incorporate a designer look into their pools, spas, jacuzzis and whirlpools.