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Glass Mosaic Tile Entryways

Though entryways are commonly the smallest room in the home, they are also one of the areas of highest traffic. Because of this, when designing an entryway, thought must be given to the durability of materials. In order for a space to look new year after year, design materials must be able to withstand the everyday foot traffic of an entire household as well as frequent abuse from pets, hastily thrown book bags, and regular exposure to weather. Because of its proven durability and resistance to the signs of wear and tear, glass tile is a great choice for entryway floors and walls.

Constant opening and shutting of doors and windows near entryways requires that materials are able to hold up against ugly weather and rapidly changing temperatures. Glass tiles, impervious to water, remain unaffected by changes in moisture levels and temperature, no matter how frequent.  In addition, glass tiles are uniform in their make-up; the color, texture, and opacity comes from the glass itself and not from added paint or stain. Because of this, glass tiles hide the daily abuse that is typical in high traffic areas. Only the most discerning eye will be able to detect the difference in worn down or chipped tiles.

For a designer, the entryway is the initial place to showcase style and creativity. An entryway is the first place people see when entering a home or business and so it’s important to use that space to make a statement about the originality, classic style, or modern design that characterizes your home. For a more uniform look create a detailed glass tile border using the same tiles as the adjoining kitchen or dining room. A favorite painting or family photo makes the perfect centerpiece of a mosaic entryway floor. Restaurants, bars, and public buildings can welcome customers by branding their logo in beautiful glass tiles on entryway surfaces.

Glass tiles give entryways a designer touch. Welcome friends into your home or clients to your business with a creative, personal mosaic-tiled entryway made with Susan Jablon Mosaics' glass tiles.


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