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Glass Mosaic Tile Artists


On our site we wanted to feature some accomplished and emerging artists in the field of mosaic tile design. Specifically, we wanted to publicize and promote the types of artists that work with designer glass mosaic tiles available at Susan Jablon Mosaics. To accomplish that goal, we've gathered an impressive collection of these artists, and will list and describe them below.

We encourage you to visit their sites and check out the work being done by this incredibly talented group of artists. May it inspire you to create works of your own, or hire one of them to help you create a beautiful glass mosaic tile decor look for your next interior design project.


mosaic backsplash for European kitchen

Heather Hancock - Transform an everyday space with an architectural installation in glass tile mosaic from Heather Hancock. Kitchen and bathroom backsplashes, and fireplace surrounds. Commission a unique work of art for your new construction or rehab project, in Chicago or elsewhere. Heather Hancock used Susan Jablon tiles for this backsplash. Heather loves the range of selection available from Susan Jablon Mosaic Tiles and says that Susan's tiles also forms the bulk of her fine art work.

Heather Hancock welcomes inquiries regarding art pieces for sale, mosaic tile design commissions or mosaic installations by phone. Call (847) 951-6284



7 warblers - commisioned piece - vitreous glass, cement backerboard
Cynthia Fisher is a customer and personal friend of Susan Jablon. Cynthia specializes in creating fine art mosaic commissions for the home. Cynthia has undertaken some installations including; bathroom and kitchen backsplashes, fireplace surrounds, and coffee tables and pool side mosaics. Cynthia also offers mosaic classes in her studio in Buckland, MA.










Karen Stanley is a friend and former student of Susan Jablon. When Susan's web business took off, Karen continued to teach the classes that Susan formerly taught. Karen still teaches mosaic classes for children and adults. Karen Stanley - Mosaic Quilted Tea Tray










mosaic renate kitchen backsplash close up

Renate is a mosaic tile artist who has recently completed a mosaic backsplash using Susan Jablon mosaic tiles. This large floral and circle pattern gives a warm  feeling that perfectly compliments the hardwood cabinets.










  Jason Middlebrook
Jason Middlebrook - "It's All So Black and White" - Tile and grout on fiberglass


Close up of Amy Lee's Koi Fish tile mosaic mirror Amy Lee is a personal friend of Susan Jablon. She creates mosaics as well as other 3 dimensional works including: pottery, wood, mixed media, and cakes.


Katherine Humphreys is a customer and friend of Susan Jablon. She creates intricate designs on boxes, tabletops, wall hangings, vases bowls and more. She has also enjoys illustration.


Mosaic glass tabletop with lizard design

JennTile provides custom tile installation & other finished work. Check out Jenn's Gallery to see her unique tiles that display her customers' personal tastes.
"I specialize in taking on those small projects that the big guys don't like to do."



 glazed and unglazed ceramic tile giraffe mosaic
Doreen Adams is a Scottish born artist who resides in Malibu, California. At Creative Art Mosaics, Doreen creates her mosaics to express and capture her love of nature, and her respect for all living things in an uncertain world.



Stephen Brailo- "mandolin" mosaic tiles
Stephen Brailo is a member of the Society of American Mosaic Artists. He was born in Croatia. Stephen was first influenced by mosaics on a trip he took to Pompeii as a young man. He now resides in San Diego, California and participates in shows in the United States and Europe.



Sonia King's "Wheat River" mosaic
Sonia King is a founding member and past President of the Society of American Mosaic Artists. Sonia's award-winning art is exhibited both nationally and internationally and is represented in private, public and corporate collections.



"morning Reflections" - Imported Italian vitreous glass tile
Nancy Shelby at Shelby Glass Studio in Northern California has worked with glass for over 30 years. Nancy pays close attention to the mix of detail, brilliance of reflection, light, color, and imagination.







 Martha Branson-Banks is the Artist in Residence at Saint Mary's Elementary school in Niles, Michigan. Formerly, as a therapist she worked with all ages of patients; in all areas such as physical rehabilitation, mental health and teaching in community colleges.

Marthas mosaics are whimsical, delightful and her energy is contagious. Martha quotes "Mosaics are about the creativity of an artist and how he/she makes beautiful artworkw ith such small pieces of colored stones, glass, and other such materials."

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