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Feng Shui

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines Feng Shui as a Chinese geomantic practice in which a structure or site is chosen or configured so as to harmonize with the spiritual forces that inhabit it; also: orientation, placement, or arrangement according to the precepts of Feng Shui. Feng Shui literally translates as “wind-water”.


Feng Shui is not a new age fad; for over six thousand years, Feng Shui has helped people balance the relationship between our living spaces and the natural world. It is based on the flow of energy or "chi" through the universe into our surroundings and its influence on our lives. Chi is thought of as invisible force and is considered "life's breath"- energy that binds all life together. The practice of Feng Shui teaches us the effect of chi on our daily lives and how to influence it. By practicing Feng Shui, people are able to make themselves more attuned with nature, their surroundings and lives, and in turn have a positive effects on their finances, health and emotions.


At Susan Jablon Mosaics, we try to incorporate the spirit of Feng Shui into the beautiful glass tile mosaic blends that we create with our customers. Below are a collection of Feng Shui links that you can use to find out about how to integrate beautiful glass mosaic tile designs into your interior design project. We recommend especially sweeping curved walls covered with a spectacular mix of iridescent multi-colored tile. Experiment for yourself with our Custom Blend Tile Designer to create the ideal blend of color and iridescence to integrate gracefully with your environment.


Feng Shui principles at work with our beautiful green and gold glass mosaic tile in this spectacular inground pool with stone wall trim

Above is an example of our gorgeous designer glass mosaic tile used to accentuate the sweeping curves of this spectacular inground pool with custom built stone walls.


eSSORTMENT's Interior Design Links page is chock-full of Feng Shui Interior Design articles.


Here's a nice article about Using Elements and Colors to decorate with Feng Shui.


Send us your links and we might add them here to share with everyone.