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 Bijou Shower Floor & Accents


bijou blue and green bathroom accents along the side of the bathtub

Bijou Blue And Green Mosaic 1" Tile Trim For Compelling Bathtub Accents

White tile brightens a bathroom but a compelling touch of color is sometimes needed. This bathroom's trim blend of blues and greens, made up of our 1 inch Bijou glass mosaic tile, accents and completes what otherwise would be a bland effect.


bijou 1 inch blue and green mosaic blend shower tile floor in redecorated bathroom

Bijou Blue And Green 1 In. Tile Bathroom Shower Floor

Glass tile is also used to complement itself. Here, shower walls are tiled in a cool and calm white, while the shower floor is tiled in a intriguing pattern of greens and blues, made up of our 1" Bijou glass mosaic tiles. This creates a compelling look for this custom shower.


bijou blue and green mosaic tile bathroom shower floor and accents with custom recessed shelf

Bijou Blue Green 1" Glass Tile Bathroom Shower Accents

The white tile walls of the bathroom contrast sharply and handsomely with the green and blue accents made of our 1 inch Bijou glass mosaic tiles. A prime exmple is this useful and attractive recessed shelf in the shower, which complements its surrounding areas and adds a compelling element to this bathroom.


bijou blue and green bathroom trim around the soaking tub

Bijou Blue And Green Blend Bathroom Soaking Tub Accent

Here a classic tiled bathroom tub area is pictured, fit for a queen to relax in, but with the added touch of a enhancing border of blue and green 1 inch Bijou mosaic glass tile. Who wouldn't like a soaking tub like this in their home?


bijou blue and green 1 inch glass mosaic tile used as a shower custom recessed shelf

Bijou Blue And Green Shower With Custom Recessed Shelf

Here is a close-up of  the custom recessed shelf in the wall of the shower. The tiling at the back of the shelves adds flare with a blend of blues, white and greens in the 1 in. Bijou tile, tiled in a striking, compelling pattern. The white tile in the blend matches the wall color.

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