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Amazing Mix & Match Tile Gallery

Beautiful Mosaic Glass Tiles installed on Fireplaces, Building Facades, and more!  
Click on any of the names below to see that Gallery example, or click on the representative glass tile images to go directly to that tile's Tile Catalog detail page. Don't forget that you can use our brand-new, completely redesigned Custom Blend Tile Designer to create or modify any blend, and test how individual tiles (or blends) look with a particular color of grout.

Bijou Mosaic
Before & After
Glass Tile Entryway   Wet Sink with
Stainless Steel
Office Backsplash
Hells Kitchen
Dining Room
 Table-top Design
Fireplace Surround
Subway Tile Black
Russian Stove

Subway Tile Fireplace Before and After


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Amazing Fireplace Glass Mosaic Tile Gallery featuring this Bijou mosaic tile fireplace

Custom Mosaic Fireplace by Donnell Pasion, Mosaic Artist