Unexpected Uses Of Glass Tile

Backsplash, don’t stop there!

You've seen the beauty of glass tile in the kitchen, and have already made your bathroom luxurious with this distinctive look. There is a misconception, however, that Glass Tile and Mosaic Tile can only be used in a kitchen or bathroom! Well, we've got news for you: you can let your creative and artistic inspired side shine through throughout your home, and outdoors as well. Here are some more spaces and places that you can make just as fabulous.

Glass Tile Hearth

Many people do not think of using glass as a fireplace surround, but they should. Not only does glass tile contribute to making the fireplace your statement piece, it is also extremely durable.

While a few individually placed tiles can easily break, tiles installed together in a mosaic are very secure. Glass tiles are also extremely easy to clean and do not stain.

Beyond this, the beauty of glass tiles is especially heightened when viewed with different light sources. So, with the glass surrounding a varying source, such as your nighttime fire, It makes for a beautiful visual as you enjoy a warm, cozy, and comfortable night in.

Shimmerfly Glass Tile Fireplace and Accent Wall Mother of Pearl Tile Designed Fireplace Custom Black and Brown Mosaic Glass Tile Hearth  Beautiful Custom Mosaic Glass Tile Hearth Beautiful Backsplash Accent Wall

Accent Walls

No need to stop at just a backsplash, hearth, or shower interior! Accent walls are one of the newest trends hitting the design scene, and they can be used in any room! Extending glass tile from ceiling to floor not only makes your room appear bigger, but it also gives you a great focal point around which to design your entire room.

You can choose a small section, or get wild and do the entire wall-- no need to be shy!

Glass Tile Outdoors

Many people think of glass tile uses in the home, but so many miss that fantastic look that it can give outdoors. Outdoor space and light is the perfect setting to highlight these tiles and make your space unique. Glass cleans up very easily and can also withstand the elements better than most porcelain and ceramic tiles.

Whether it's an exterior wall, a pool or spa, or a fountain, glass tile will certainly enhance the look in more than one way.

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