Top 10 Susan Jablon Subway Glass Tile Installations Part 2
Welcome back to our "Top Ten Subway Installations!" Last week we covered numbers 10-6 and this week we are releasing our top 5 favorite Susan Jablon Subway glass tile installations. So, without further ado....
5 Picking up our countdown at number 5 is this fresh, fun and funky steel bamboo with orange glass tile kitchen. This Susan Jablon original glass tile blend can up the “awe factor” of any contemporary kitchen design. The blend of different shades of green is complimented with a mix of 1x3-inch and 1x6-inch stainless steel tiles, and topped off with a random bright orange glass tile. This kitchen’s combination of light wood cabinets and a dark countertop really allow this stunning backsplash to stand out. Steel Bamboo With Orange Glass Tile Steel Bamboo With Orange Glass Tile Kitchen
4 Rolling in at number 4 is this kitchen inspired by "that old time rock and roll.”This vertical subway glass tile installation tops our charts for creativity! The kitchen backsplash is perfect for music lovers everywhere. Clear Iridescent Glass Subway Tiles and Black Iridescent Glass Subway Tiles are arranged vertically and in a pattern that mimics the sound waves from a guitar. This creative and innovative kitchen shows the flexibility of glass tile. Your imagination can run wild, and you can bring any idea—or sound—to life. CLEAR IRIDESCENT GLASS SUBWAY TILE BLACK IRIDESCENT GLASS SUBWAY TILE SOUND WAVE GLASS TILE BACKSPLASH MUSIC INSPIRED GLASS TILE KITCHEN BACKSPLASH
3 Number three in our countdown goes to a breathtaking kitchen fit for royalty. This black bejeweled backsplash is made from a stunning mix of dichroic glass tile. Dichroic glass tile gives this area a unique, ever-changing appearance. These stunning, one-of-a-kind tiles reveal more than one color when viewed from different angles, making this backsplash interesting and vibrant every time you enter the room. BLACK BEJEWELED GLASS TILE BLACK BEJEWELED GLASS TILE KITCHEN
2 Our runner-up in the number two spot of our countdown is this contemporary kitchen with a modern glass tile twist. This Susan Jablon Original design is set in a Metro-Retro Layout. The cool blue, gray and aqua tones make the glass tile the perfect contrast to the bright orange accent wall. HIMALAYAN BEAUTY SERIES 8 GLASS TILE MODERN AQUA MOSAIC BACKSPLASH
1 Finally, what you have all been waiting for…..Topping our countdown and taking the number one spot is our famous Caribbean bathroom installation. This glass tile installation is a hybrid layout that uses subway glass tiles in both vertical and horizontal positions. This bathroom is entirely covered in glass mosaic tiles. A masterful mix of glossy glass tiles, ocean style bottle glass tiles, and mirrored tiles combine to create this masterpiece. The design evokes the look and feel of an ocean, progressing from the deep ocean blue tiles near the ceiling, down through teals, turquoises, and light blues, and finally transitioning into a sandy floor. This original and inspiring Subway glass tile installation creates a personal Caribbean escape right in their own home! CARIBBEAN BLEND GRADIENT CARIBBEAN BATHROOM DESIGN CARIBBEAN BATHROOM DESIGN IDEA

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