The Magic of Dichroic Glass Tile

The Mystery and Magic of Dichroic Glass

In recent years, there has been a growing interest in dichroic glass. Most people, however, have not heard of dichroic glass, or don't know much about it. If you are one of these people, you are in for a real surprise. Dichroic Glass (a/k/a “dichro” or "chameleon glass") has really hit the jewelry scene but remains somewhat of a secret in the glass tile industry. This glass displays a metallic and vibrant multicolored surface that our artists have transformed into tiles to fit in your perfect backsplash or space. The word “Dichroic” comes from the Greek: "di" meaning two, and "chroma" meaning color. It is certainly a spot-on name for this amazing multi-colored metallic glass. This glass can breathe life into any tile blend, be used as a perfect accent, or stand out as an amazing statement piece in any room. Dichroic glass tile uses thin-film physics to display more than just one color at a time, and continues to change its beautiful hues when viewed at any different angles. Unlike metallic tiles or iridescent tiles, dichroic glass does not get this special look and reflection from the glass used in the tile, but instead from a special coating over the glass. Dichroic glass does not use paints, dyes, gels, or any other materials to create the colors that it produces. Instead, it works like a prism, using just the manipulation of light. Because making dichroic glass is so complex, it is only made and carried by a few manufacturers that have the equipment to do so. The end product holds special properties that cause certain light waves to be reflected while others are allowed to travel through the glass. This produces the color shift that is observable from different angles. The final product can also be affected by a number of variable materials that a manufacturer can use. Depending on the number of different oxides used in the glass, the order in which they are used, the thickness of the layers, and the array of possible patterns, the end possibilities of rich colors and patterns is nearly endless. The process of creating Dichroic glass is extremely intense and very specific. However, the unique look that the tile provides is well worth the additional cost. Let this beautiful and unique glass tile become the jewelry of your home, restaurant or pool! Full Kitchen View Of multi-colored dichroic glass tile backsplash. Kitchen jeweled with a multi-colored dichroic glass backsplashRainbow dichroic glass tile backsplash Shop Dichroic Glass Tile Selection
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