Susan Jablon Tile Installed in Local Church

At Susan Jablon, we are regularly involved in commercial installations, at restaurants, hotels, showrooms, and the like. We have also provided tile for a fair number of churches. A few years ago, we had the pleasure of working with a local church in Vestal, New York, which was being repaired and remodeled after being affected by the flood that hit the Southern Tier of New York in 2011. We were contacted by Melissa, who was involved in the project for Our Lady of Sorrows Church. As Melissa explained, “I knew Susan Jablon as a member of the local arts community. I used to walk by her Front Street studio and buying locally was important to me.”

Melissa came to us with a concept for a part of the Church that featured a signature Susan Jablon tile design known as the Silver, Gold, and Taupe Metallic Glass Tile Mix. “My inspiration,” Melissa told us, “Was that I wanted a focal point when you first came through the doors of the church and the warm rich reflective metallic tones echoed the rich tradition of religious art- icons and altarpieces.” The tile installed brought this vision to life. Melissa proudly states that “All who visit the church exclaim over how beautiful the gathering space is--warm, rich, and welcoming.” We completely agree.

If your church is planning a new remodel or simply looking for a visual change to inspire your community, feel free to contact us at Susan Jablon so we can help you find the perfect warm and welcoming tile you are looking for.


Susan Jablon Tile Installation in Church

Susan Jablon Tile Installation in Church

Susan Jablon Tile Installation in Church


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