Susan Jablon Announces New Women's Business Enterprise (WBE) Certification

We at Susan Jablon are happy to announce that we have been approved as a Women Business Enterprise (WBE).  With this new certification, we wanted to highlight some of the commercial projects that we have worked on in the past couple of years.



Jessie Ball duPont Center

The Jessie Ball duPont Center in Jacksonville, Florida was completed in 2015 and houses twelve local nonprofits in one of Jacksonville’s most iconic buildings. Designers wanted to keep the building authentic and opted to restore the exterior of the building, which is wrapped in panels of tiny Italian glass tiles in shades of blue, green, and yellow. On the inside, the designers were looking for tile that complemented to the building’s original glass-tiled columns, but had a more modern look. They found Susan Jablon on-line and Susan and the designers worked together on a unique tile design that was just what they were looking for. 1400 feet of Susan Jablon’s Steel Bamboo, covering each interior column from ceiling to floor, is now the highlight of the Great Hall.


Atlanta Fire House

Commissioned by the City of Atlanta, this commercial mosaic is a 29 ft x 14 ft masterpiece. We teamed up with artist Deanna Sirlin, and her inspired waterfall design was brought to life. Supplied with only a small “swoosh” swatch colored with a gradient of blues, our team of designers got to work and, only five short weeks later, produced a full on waterfall gradient design. “Falling Waters” is now installed on the exterior of Atlanta Fire Rescue Station 18 located at 2007 Oakview Rd SE in Atlanta. This beautiful flowing water design glistens in the light and really appears as though the water is continually flowing down like a waterfall.


Worcester School

With much buzz over the design that we created for the Atlanta Fire House, we were approached by a group of architects who were very interested in the work we did. Their project involved the Worcester Central School, in Worcester, New York, a three-story facility organized by education level: the first floor is K-5; the second floor is the middle school; and the third floor is the high school. They envisioned distinct, vibrant color schemes for each level, and worked with Susan Jablon to implement their ideas. When the project was completed 2 months later, we ended up creating about 25,000 square feet of unique custom designs.




The Roxbury Motel

Beginning in 2007, Susan Jablon started a unique journey with Gregory Henderson and Joseph Massa, transforming their property into the one-of-a-kind Roxbury Motel. This "boutique motel resort" can be found amidst the breathtaking Catskill Mountains, in the historic village of Roxbury. As you approach the Roxbury Motel, you begin to enter an entirely new world, "from flowing hills to white water rapids to historical architecture, the area surrounding The Roxbury is ripe with intriguing views." The scenery is amazing, but it is the inside of The Roxbury Motel that is unforgettable.  

The Roxbury’s owners brilliant idea of creating not one, not two, but 28 (and still growing!) unique rooms—inspired by films, cartoons, and classic television series from the 1960’s and 70’s—has made their hotel a must-see place to stay! A mix of their fabulous style and design, combined with the to-die-for colors and vintage textures, and our unique mosaic glass tiles, give each room a look that people can only explain with utter amazement!


Bird Project

In an area of Texas known as the Rio Grande Valley, the “bird project” began with a contest held by the McAllen, TX Camber of Commerce to choose local artists to design a tile pattern using local birds as an inspiration.  Each standpipe design, located along the highway, will represent a different bird that is native to the area. The chosen design was sent to us via email, and we then recreated the design using 12” x 12” sheets of tile. Once they were carefully created by our experienced designers, the sheets were laid out flat to ensure each piece seamlessly attached to the next (pictured to the right0. The sheets were then just as carefully labeled and boxed, making it perfectly set up for an easy installation. To date, we have created two out of 5 designs, and they have been installed on the standpipes in Texas. 



Ava Little Tokyo

In the heart of Little Tokyo in Los Angeles, California, this 1,400 apartment complex features top urban-inspired designs inspired by the motto: “Live like you want.” After sending several samples out to the designer working with the architects, Gensler, two of our unique backsplashes were chosen to be installed in 700 apartments each. These contemporary urban backsplashes are the perfect finish to each apartment and meld perfectly with the hip vibe of the entire complex.

We have the product, the team, and the ability to take on any project, big or small, for any home, business, hotel, apartment complex, convention center, or public installation. Consultations are available by phone, GoToMeeting, email, or any other way you prefer to discuss your designs. Our designers can draw inspiration from anything: a piece of art, a small swatch gradient of color, even something as simple as a design on a dish towel. Or our artists can work with a sophisticated design or pattern that you supply and transform it into an easily installable tile masterpiece. All designs are created by hand, laid out, and triple checked before they are completed and sent out. We do offer a trade discount to those who are eligible and also provide them with free and fast samples of designs in which they may be interested. We ship worldwide. We look forward to working with you and your company!  

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