Patti’s Story | A Budget Kitchen Makeover With Sparkle

Remodeling a home can be an intimidating project. Whether you are remodeling for yourself in a new home that you want to make your own, or renovating a room before you sell to amp up your home’s price tag, sticking to your budget is of paramount importance. This customer chronicle comes to us from Washington, the Evergreen State, and shows that you can stick to your budget and still create the kitchen of your dreams.


Here’s Patti’s Story: 

“I’m SO happy to finally share with you my Budget Kitchen Makeover!  It’s been a long time in the making and I only just finished up the final details of the transformation.  It’s funny, and kind of sad, that it took finding out that we’re going to move to motivate me to finally wrap things up.  Is there anyone else out there who moves mountains to accomplish big projects, but leaves the little details undone?  It’s a character defect of some sort, I’m sure!"

Before Kitchen

"This is my kitchen before we began tearing things up.  We had already added the stainless steel fridge and dishwasher when the old black ones gave up the ghost.  You can only imagine how much darker those two black boxes made this room feel.”


Patti and her family had their work cut out for them, but were prepared to take on this DIY renovation in full force. With little experience other than an addiction to HGTV makeover shows, they had to come up with a plan for their kitchen that did not break the bank. The first step was the most crucial to the entire project: research. “Online, walking through home improvement stores, going to granite warehouse showrooms, attending home shows, etc.” From countless hours of research, Patti had decided on a list of what would change in her kitchen.

·      Countertops

·      Backsplash

·      Decorative backsplash over the stove

·      Painted Cabinets

·      Cabinet Hardware

·      Painted Kitchen Island

·      Addition of legs and corbels to kitchen island

·      Appliances

·      Light Fixtures

·      Kitchen Faucet

·      Paint

With an extensive list, and a less-than-experienced crew, this renovation project was surely not an overnight transformation like you may see on TV. Slowly but surely progress began.

“My house isn’t large and my kitchen island is my only crafting space. Mr. OTN (husband) was bound and determined to provide me with a larger (and prettier) counter space to work on.  Not to mention that he might just get a few more gourmet type meals out of me if my kitchen was a more appealing place to cook!”

Kitchen Before

“It is hard to see here, but the counter top was black tile, with white trim and the island was only about two feet deep with a raised bar.  This main living space in my home includes the kitchen, a dining area, a small sitting area behind the kitchen counter and the living room. The raised bar was higher then in the above pictures and only served to separate it from the living room, making the kitchen feel darker,  and limiting counter space.  It also blocked some of the view from the kitchen out toward the lake, especially for a shorter gal like me."

"After almost two long years, the kitchen was completed and we agree 100% that it was well worth the wait."

Kitchen After Remodel

“So much lighter and brighter.  So much more open to the rest of the living area.  So much more crafting . . . er . . . cooking space with the lowered bar and extended length of the island.


Kitchen Cabinets After

Kitchen Cabinets After

"The original cabinets were solid and in good condition so I decided to paint over them with Annie Sloan chalk paint in Old White.  I love that this paint doesn’t require stripping, sanding or (in most cases) priming. I chose to distress my cabinets some because I happen to like the look, Farmhouse Glam girl that I am.  The added bonus to that is that, over time, you won’t notice the normal wear and tear as much.   I then added a bit of grayish color wash in the cabinet insets to add an additional aged appearance.I sealed my cabinets with soft wax and buffed them for a nice glow. When the morning sun comes in through the windows the light color cabinets reflect light all around the room! 

Kitchen Island After

“Next is my kitchen island which was nothing but a square box with drawers and cupboards.”

Kitchen Island After

“I added legs and corbels and painted it with Annie Sloan’s Graphite to ground the room.”


Kitchen Island After

“More distressing (and staining of the distressed areas) and More buffing and waxing.”


Kitchen Countertop After

“Next was my granite slab.  I wanted it to be white like marble.  I love marble but it doesn’t react well to acidic foods.  My master bath has marble and I’ve experienced the heart-sinking feeling of seeing what vinegar and water cleaner does when sprayed on its surface (I’m still trying to figure out how to fix that mistake, short of hiring someone to come in and professionally buff out the spotty areas and reseal the marble).”

Glacier White Granite

“This piece (Glacier White) has “sparkles” in it when the light shines just right (I HEART sparkles) and small red garnets embedded within the metamorphosed granitic rock. I also wanted a piece of granite that had “waves”, to give it a feeling of movement.”


White Backsplash Tile

“On to my backsplash. More sparkle, of course, from polished marble tiles. The light from the windows shines in and reflects back off these small mosaic tiles, which I also happened to find at a great price!”

Susan Jablon Custom Design Backsplash

“On to the custom backsplash for my stove area.  I found Susan Jablon Mosaics online where you can choose your own tiles in any color and material and they will mount your design on mesh.   This makes it easy to adhere in the area where you want a special pop of color. Having the option of choosing our own tiles in their Custom Mosaic Designer was not only fun but it allowed us to easily custom design just what we had been searching for. Since I love blues and greens I mixed and matched mirrored and glass tiles in various shades of the same colors that I see when I look outside my windows. The tile is a perfect reflection of the lake that the kitchen looks out upon.”

Susan Jablon Backsplash Tile



Oil Rubbed Bronze Faucet

“To finish things off we added a new oil rubbed bronze faucet to match the new cabinet hardware, and some new mercury glass light fixtures for more sparkle.”

Light Fixtures After

New Paint After Remodel

“The new blue green paint color makes my creamy white cabinets and the new crown molding “pop”. I placed a few new items placed atop the cabinets, while some of the old things remained.”

Antique Mirror

“We bought this mirror at an antique store when we first purchased our home.  I prefer a sink with a window over it but this is the next best thing as I can look at the lake behind me while I’m washing my dishes.”

Floor After Remodel

“The tile floor was in the kitchen when we purchased our home ten years ago and is still in good shape.  I like it, as it reminds me of a floor that might be found in a French Country Farmhouse.  So . . . no change needed here . . . except maybe a little bleaching of the grout!  That could be a future post as well as it certainly will need to be done before we put our home on the market!”


Kitchen After Remdel

“I’m delighted with every aspect of this kitchen remodel and was actually a little surprised myself at how little it cost to do the whole thing!  Though I didn’t shop locally for some of my materials I did support several small, family run businesses through my online purchases.  Kitchen and bath remodels will give you the best most return for your money when you go to sell your home.  They will also help you to sell your home quicker.  Believe me, I’m searching daily for a new home and the thing that is most important to both Mr. OTN and myself is what the kitchen looks like.  Is it gorgeous?  If it isn’t in such good shape is there potential for remodel?

Are you thinking of doing a kitchen remodel of your own?  I want to encourage you to GO FOR IT!  There is something so rewarding about being able to say, “I did it myself”."


This stunning DIY kitchen transformation was done one section at a time, and Patti’s research and time most certainly paid off. This kitchen remodel was completed with an amazing budget of less than $8,000.00…and that is with taxes and shipping included!


We are happy and proud that our custom glass tile played a role in Patti’s kitchen makeover.


Make sure to follow Patti’s spectacular blog “Old Things New” for all her stunning projects and crafts! If you are planning your own remodel or renovation check out her “Shopping Secrets Revealed” to create your dream kitchen in a budget-friendly way.





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