At Susan Jablon, it is important to our company that you find the perfect tile for your space. The first step of this process is ordering a sample of a tile or mosaic tile design to make sure that it fits perfectly into your design. We offer different sample options that vary from tile to tile so that you can best see the design and how it works with the other elements in your home.

When you select a sheet of tile from our “Glass Tile” selections, we offer various samples of the tile.  You can opt to order a sample tile board or a sample bag of a collection, which includes all the colors of the tile from the collection you choose. Or you can order samples of specific tiles by clicking to the tile product page.


Screen Shot of Tile Product Page

On the product page, there is a link for “Samples of this product” on the same page as the “Add To Cart” button.  This is shown in the photo above with the red arrow pointing to the link. From here, you can select three different sample sizes: a carded sample, which is four of the tiles from the sheet; a quarter-sheet; or half-sheet sample. Each of these options are placed on a white carded background. These cards allow you to stand a sample up against a wall to visualize what it will look like with the other elements in your home.


Likewise, for our “Glass Tile Mosaic Blends” selections, we offer different sample sizes depending on the design of the tile.  Wherever possible, we like to offer our customers quarter- and half-sheet samples of our mosaic glass tile blends. However, for some blends, we can only offer full sheet samples as the design is so intricate that you need the full sheet to see how it will actually look in your space. These sample options are viewable via a link on the order page, as seen below.  Once again we have the red arrow pointing to this link so it can be easily found.


Screen Shot of Mosaic Glass Tile Blend Product Page

Utilizing samples in your search for tile is the best way to confirm that what you have selected on-line will actually work in your home, office, or place of business. Because photographs of the tile can vary from monitor to monitor, we always suggest that you order a sample before you finalize your full tile order. We also are here to assist you with any of your sample tile selections. Please contact us today with any questions.

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