Mona and Tammy's Remodel Story-  A Sparkling New Kitchen

One of the hallmarks of Susan Jablon is our ability to help you create your perfect space--to create your own little oasis of beauty, where you can feel at peace. With this in mind, we are honored to share with you a stunning iced out kitchen design in Nevada.


Here is Mona and Tammy’s story…

“When my wife and I were beginning the process of remodeling our kitchen, I really wasn't convinced we needed to make drastic changes. After all, I still loved the retro green tile and white cabinets in the kitchen I chose 16 years ago. However, as our remodel began to take shape, I realized how much our kitchen needed a facelift. 

Our process of remodeling was quite laborious. Tammy and I each wanted a modern look and began scouring the internet for ideas and suppliers. We started searching for cabinets and counters.  We knew we wanted grey frameless cabinets and contrasting quartz countertops.  During our search on, we ran across a kitchen designed by Robert Legere.  It was at this moment we fell in love with Susan Jablon's tile and decided to make a tile wall with an oversized range hood as the centerpiece of our kitchen. We went to work designing our kitchen to meet our specific needs and desires, utilizing Robert's design as our inspiration."

Kitchen Before Remodel

"We contacted Robert and Susan to determine the exact tile that was used in the kitchen he designed. We deviated from his choice and chose 90% frosted silver mirror glass and 10% silver mirror mini subway tile. We were thrilled to have it ordered and on its way. This choice was super easy for us; however, we did our research prior to ordering. We went to every tile supplier in Las Vegas and the internet and could not find anything even close to the beauty she could create for us. Not to mention, these mini tiles were smaller than the norm at 5/8-inch.  


When we contacted Susan and her team, they made every effort to provide us the information we needed and a sample to see and feel.  I was amazed someone like Susan existed where we could personally design tile, and have it delivered within a month for a fraction over the price of local tile.  Another thing that impressed me about Susan is that she personally advised us on what installation products to buy and how the grout sealer could be purchased and added into the grout during installation.  Imagine my elation knowing we would not need to hand paint the grout with sealer like we had to back in the '90s."

Remodeled Coffee Nook In Kitchen

"After deciding on our tile, we designed a seamless wall of cabinets manufactured by Sollid Cabinetry in Arizona to incorporate a coffee nook, as we are a family who loves our coffee. We decided to line the wall of the nook with Susan's tile like Robert's design.  This cubby is Tammy's most favorite feature of our kitchen. 


As our kitchen design became a reality, my wife and I decided to deviate from our original tile design. We personally reduced the percentage of mirrors from 10% to approximately 1%. The reduction allowed the tile to remain a gorgeous opaque centerpiece.  It is amazing how spectacular it feels to stand anywhere in our kitchen and have a sense we are surrounded by glimmering ice.  We added 5000k LED strip under counter, super low-profile lighting by to accentuate the tiles' beauty. We never thought we would enjoy washing dishes so much as we do, and this is due to the cornered edges of the window resembling ice cubes. They really are magnificent. Also, our friends continue to be amazed at the beauty of them and the sparking jewel effect the 1% of silver glass mirrors has on our entire design. Needless to say, we are so very pleased about our choices and the good fortune of finding Susan Jablon.”

We are so happy to be a part of Mona and Tammy’s Kitchen Renovation. Make sure to send us your own story and photos of your fabulous Susan Jablon tile to!

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