How To Grout Glass Tile

At Susan Jablon Mosaics, we recommend that you engage a professional to install any of our products. For those customers who prefer to install our glass tiles themselves, this article will provide some practical guidance by describing how to grout your newly installed glass tile in a typical 4-foot by 4-foot area. Please read this entire article before beginning your project. In addition, because any glass tile project requires 100 percent of the installer's attention, minimize any distractions before beginning.

Before getting started, you want to make sure that you gather together all of the supplies needed for your project. This includes paper towels, a disposable plastic bucket, water, grout, Grout Boost, rubber gloves, something to stir the grout mixture (such as a spoon), and a grout float. A grout float is basically a spongy rubber trowel designed specifically for grouting.

Begin by putting on your gloves and mixing the grout, carefully following the instructions on the package. In a clean container, add in the correct amount of grout mix, followed by the correct measured amount of water. You can also add in Grout Boost, a product which keeps the grout clean. Carefully stir it all together, making sure to mix well. After mixing, check the consistency of the grout. If it is too soupy, add more grout; and if it is too dry, add more water. Properly mixed grout should be the consistency of mashed potatoes.


Make sure the tile to be grouted is clean and dry. Apply a liberal amount of grout directly onto the surface of the glass tiles by scooping up a gloved handful of grout, and rubbing it into the spaces between the tiles using a circular motion. Continue this circular-motion and keep applying the grout until the entire area is covered thoroughly. Make sure that, as you are applying it, the grout gets into all of the gaps. If needed, use your fingers to go over areas that do not have enough grout. After applying the grout to the entire area, wipe any excess grout from your gloves back into the container.


The grout float is used to ensure that the grout is even. Starting from the outside top edge of the tiled area, drag the grout float horizontally along the front of the tile, lifting the front edge of the grout float away from the tile, and keeping the back edge against the surface. Repeat this process down the entire tiled area. You can use the smaller edge of the grout float around obstacles on the wall, such as the light switch, using both vertical and horizontal strokes to make sure that all is even. Grouting

To clean the excess grout off the tiles themselves, begin by wiping with a dry paper towel. Next, use a damp paper towel to wipe down the entire area again. Continue with new damp towels until the tile looks clean. A “haze” look will be visible on the surface for about 2-3 weeks. Keep cleaning the tile until the “haze” is gone for good.


When grouting is complete, you can replace your light switch and socket plates.

If you have any other questions or concerns you can refer to our FAQ page, or feel free to call us at 1-866-939-1033.

Susan Jablon Mosaics is not responsible for the outcome of any installation projects.

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