Atomic Disco Glass Tile Kitchen Backsplash

Inspired by retro wallpaper, this Los Angeles, California native reached out to us to see if a tile design in the style and feeling of the wallpaper was possible. Within a few hours, Susan Jablon developed a tile pattern that incorporated all of the elements of this design, and then some.

With this design in mind, Susan Jablon and her team of artists designed a tile sample that combined fused glass tile circles, textured raised disc recycled glass tiles, and Bijou subway glass tiles to create a unique flair with added dimension to the design.

Retro Wallpaper Design

Retro Wallpaper Design
Atomic Disco

Atomic Disco | MBS-2591230

The customer was then sent a sample sheet of tile backed on a white board for easy viewing in her own kitchen. The white backing makes it easier for customers to prop the tile up and get an idea of what the design will look like in their actual space.


The customer was thrilled with the sample and responded: “Hooray! This is fabulous. I love the colors & shapes & mix up of textures. Only thought seeing in space is whether it wants another blue something? Swap out a black square or grey rectangle? But I will leave that to your artistry. I am so excited and do appreciative of your everything!”


With just a few quick and easy changes to the design, to make it exactly what the customer wanted, the order was put in place and delivered out within 2 weeks.

Atomic Disco Glass Tile Backsplash

Now the customer has a stunning Atomic Disco
(Tile Catalog Code: MBS-2591230) glass tile backsplash installed in their beautiful retro kitchen.

Would you like to see this design in a different color palate? Just let us know and we can help you create it!


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