A Tropical Glass Tile Get-away at Home

Beach Inspired Glass Tile Bathroom

This week, we are diving into our most popular Susan Jablon tile design: the Caribbean Beach Gradient. Entering our award-winning Caribbean bathroom is truly a one-of-a-kind experience that will leave both you and your guests in awe. 


Our original Caribbean bathroom design was designed by Emily Jablon for a spectacular home in the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York. Since then, with all the buzz and requests, we have made this design a product so anyone can install this beautiful beach-inspired getaway in their very own home!


We worked with the original homeowner for about four months as we decided on the perfect color combination to make this project not only look like the ocean, but to feel like it as well. Inspired by Van Gogh’s brushstroke style and the way that his paintings appear so beautifully textured, 

we came up with the combination of colors that, woven together,  would look amazing. Now that we had a striking mix of tans, browns, blues, and greens, we had to think of how to incorporate all of the colors in a way that evoked the owner’s favorite vacation home on Fire Island. 


He described his vision of “the sand, open shallow, and deep water together with the ever so clear blue sky.” He wanted this look and the calming feeling of an isolated sandy beach flowing into beautiful ocean waters, and ending with a clear summer sky. With this in mind, we created our gradient design. 


Caribbean Beach Gradient

The Caribbean Beach Gradient is designed so that the installed tile is full of movement and texture, the same visual experience that you would get looking out at the beautiful ocean. In this particular bathroom, the floor tile design is done on a 1-inch grid mixing both frosted and glossy bijou tiles, ORGANIKS 100% recycled tiles, Glitter Glass Tiles, and Iridescent glass tiles in shades of white, tan, brown, and some silver. This thoughtful mix of various tiles gives a textured and realistic sense of a sandy beach.


Sandy Beach Inspired Glass Tile Floor
Sandy Beach Inspired Glass Tile Floor

As the tiles go up the walls, the layout switches from a grid to a hybrid design. If you look closely, you can see how carefully each sheet is designed so that the tan sandy floor flows right into the light blue ocean waters. Following the light blues, the gradient carefully flows through teals and turquoises and flawlessly finishes off with deep blues, then sky blues, and whites. Each of these sheets of tile is carefully  set by hand with our beautiful Bijou tiles, Ocean Style Bottle Tiles,  ORGANIKS 100% Recycled Glass Tiles,  Glitter Glass Tiles, and Mirror Tiles in various finishes. 


Beach Inspired Glass Tile Bathroom

Beach inspired Glass Tile Design

The overall finishing look of this Caribbean gradient achieved exactly what our customer was looking for. As light pours in the room, the tiles absorb and reflect it, creating the kind of movement you would see as sunlight strikes the ocean waves. Can you imagine your very own beach in your home? Even better, you get to experience it without sandy feet and sunburns! 


Susan Jablon Caribbean Beach Glass Tile Design (Designed By Emily Jablon)

We can create this beautiful Caribbean bathroom design for any space, residential or commercial! We sell this Caribbean gradient on our website as a panel measuring 1 by 8 square feet (eight separate sheets measuring 12 inches x 12 inches).

Is your space smaller or bigger? No problem. Each gradient is designed and made by hand, so we can easily customize this design to fit any size.

Maybe you want just the look of water. No problem, we can also do that.

Or maybe you want this gradient, but in a whole different color scheme. We can do that too!

At Susan Jablon Mosaics, we want to work with you to create your perfect space, just as we did for this homeowner. Please CONTACT US or call 866.939.1033 with any questions and we are happy to help (and did we mention all design help is free!)


Check out some more gradients that we have done in our CUSTOM GRADIENTS SERVICES! Make sure to check out what other one-of-a-kind CUSTOM SERVICES that Susan Jablon Mosaics offers! 

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