A Step-By-Step Guide to Creating Your Very Own Mosaic Glass Tile Design

Each room in your house is a reflection of your personality. Eccentric or calm, colorful or neutral. What’s your style?

Some shoppers know the exact tile they are looking for, and others only know when they see it. But what if you could eliminate all that time, all that shopping, and all the guess work?

Susan Jablon’s amazing Custom Mosaic Designer does just that. Who’s ready to try a virtual designing experience that is sure to leave you overjoyed with the tile of your dreams?

Custom Glass Tile Backsplash Design

The Tool for the Job

Susan Jablon's Custom Mosaic Designer Our website specialists have created our Custom Mosaic Designer to be the most intuitive, interactive and user-friendly designer in the world. Just follow these easy steps to build your unique glass tile mosaic. And remember, if you need help at any point along the way, CONTACT US. We are here to help all of our customers achieve their perfect tile.

Where Do I Start?

Customers should have made many decisions at the time of backsplash design:
wall color
floor color
cabinet color
hardware choice
counter top
appliance style
kitchen or home style

The backsplash typically knits all these together in your personal voice.

Starting with your backsplash design first can also be done. All the previous decisions just need to be reverse engineered to suit the design of the backsplash.

Once you have figured this out, it's time to start creating your mosaic tile!

Step 1: Select a Layout

One of the greatest things about glass tile is the nearly limitless variety of shapes and sizes in which it is available. We have taken that into consideration with our designer and we offer not 5… not 10... but over 50 different layouts that you can choose from. These layouts include full sheets of one specific sized tile, and sheets that mix and match different sized tiles arranged in new and interesting patterns. Make sure that you look at all the layouts before you make your decision, and always remember, if you are stuck, we are here to help.

Layout Selections
When you select the layout that you wish to design, your screen will open up like this:
Hybrid Series 1 Layout
For this example we are going to use a Hybrid Series 1 layout. Your screen will have whichever layout you selected in the previous window.

Step 2: Get Familiar with the Custom Mosaic Designer

This is where all the fun begins! The Custom Mosaic Designer is split into three different columns.

The first column, furthest to the left, displays all the glass tile options you have to chose from for your design. Depending on what layout you have selected, different tile sizes will appear in rows. As you can see, the Hybrid Series 1 layout uses three different size tiles: 1x3-inch subway tiles, 1-inch tiles, and 2-inch tiles. Different layouts can have one, two, or three different tile sizes to select from.

The center column has two separate tabs at the top, labeled “tiles” and “grout”. For now, make sure that you stay in the tile tab.

The third column displays a grey shadow of the layout and mine is in the Hybrid Series 1 layout.

Glass Tile Options To Choose from Selected Glass Tiles For Layout Hybrid Series 1 Layout Outline
Now that you are familiar with all the parts of the tile designer, let's choose your tiles.

Step 3: Selecting Your Tiles

IMPORTANT- you MUST select at least one tile from EACH tile size in order for it to be displayed on the far right.

First, I am going to select a 1x3-inch subway tile. I selected the red tile, code SUB15022. Notice how, when it is selected, in the far left column it says “used in blend” underneath the tile used. It then shows up in the middle column.

Selecting Your Tiles

Now, I am going to select one tile from each of the other tile sizes. When I do this, a virtual image appears on the far right in the Hybrid Series 1 layout.

Selecting Your Tiles

You may then select as many tiles as you want for each size. I will select two more tiles from the 1-inch tiles to demonstrate.

Selecting Your Tiles

Notice how there are now three tiles in the middle column under “selected 1 inch tiles.” To now incorporate these tiles, I have to adjust their percentages. This can be done by clicking on the white box that says “44” and you get this screen.

Tile Ratio Entry Box Equal Tile Ratio
You can click “make the tiles equal” to put equal percentages into your blend
Manual Tile Entry
or you can manually put in the amount of each tile you want in the blend
Then click “OK.” Notice how the new tiles appear in the layout. Select Your Tiles You can then adjust the percentage of the tiles by repeating what you have just done, or by moving the lock box on the tile to increase or decrease the percentage. Adjust The Percentage of the Tiles GREAT TIP! If you like the amount of each tile you are using in the blend, but not how it is showing up in the layout, click one of the white quantity boxes so you are in this screen, and then click “view changes.” Watch as the tiles in the background reset themselves. If you have any questions or can not get specific tiles to separate, you can contact us for specific instructions and we will make sure that it is exactly what you want. Adjusting Your Tiles

Step 4: How Do I Take a Tile Out of my Blend?

This is a question that is asked often and easy to solve! If, at any point, you chose a tile for your design that you no longer want in there, all you have to do is select the red X next to that tile’s quantity. For example, I have chosen to take tile v770 out of my selected 1-inch tiles section.

Remove A Tile From Your Design

Now that that tile is gone, you will have to readjust the percentages of the other tiles to be what you want, or you can always add new tiles.

Step 5: Staying On Budget

As you add tiles, and adjust the percentages, pay attention to the green box at the bottom of the screen. This “purchase” box will indicate the cost per sq. ft. of the tile blend you are creating.

Stay On Budget

Step 6: Choosing a Grout

Not only does our Custom Mosaic Designer offer you the ability to create your tile, it also offers you instant visual feedback for your tile design with over 25 different grout options. To view your new design with different grouts, click the “grout” tab in the center column. To display these different grouts in your layout, simply select different colors. Below, we have selected three different grouts. Notice the difference?

Grout Tab and Grout Colors

Grout Color Options


Bright White Grout ColorDelorean Gray Grout ColorRaven Grout Color

Step 7: Save and Name Your Design

Now that you have created your design and selected your grout, you just need to come up with a name for the design and click the blue “save” button to save it to your mosaic design library. This stores all your designs for your review and purchase. You can make as many blends or designs as you like and save them until you get the perfect one.

Example Of Mosaic Design Library New Mosaic Design As Product Ready To Purchase
Now it's your turn to try!
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