A Night at the Roxbury Part 3 | The Suite Life

Welcome back to the one-of-a-kind Roxbury Motel tour. I hope everyone had a great weekend and got a chance to read parts one and two. If you haven’t, you must! For those who have been anxiously waiting for me to continue, please keep your hands and feet inside at all times and your eyes glued to the screen, and here we goooooo.

George’s Spacepad (Room #17)

As if enormous fluffy king beds and 85-gallon bathtubs weren’t enough, the Roxbury had to take their Suite rooms out of this world. The first room does this literally… Meet George’s Space pad. When the Jetsons prime-time cartoon flew into TV in the early 1960’s, Hanna Barbera set the series in 2062. With less than 50 years left, the Roxbury took it upon itself to create this futuristic pad filled with intergalactic inspiration! As we all know, along with George Jetson comes his boy Elroy…daughter Judy… Jane, his wife… and, of course, Astro and Rosie. This means that this suite can fit up to six people comfortably. The illuminated chromatherapy bathtub may draw your attention, but our Susan Jablon Bijou blue and red subway glass tile sets the mood!

George's Space Pad | The Roxbury Motel

George's Spacepad | The Roxbury Motel

Genie’s Bottle (Room #18)

We move from space, through the adjoining door, and end up…inside a bottle?  Don’t worry, this isn’t a trap. Just blink your eyes and the genie bottle will let you out! Though few of us have probably ever been inside of a real life genie bottle, the Roxbury’s Genie’s Bottle room makes you feel as though you are. Inspired by I Dream of Jeannie,  starring Barbara Eden and Larry Hagman, this room gives a whole new meaning to pretty-in-pink with the combination of fun patterns, furry textures, and glittering glass.  You may recognize this one-of-a-kind spherical bathroom from the TLC network. Made with marble dust and covered in a custom blend of our Susan Jablon glitter glass tiles, this bathroom is perfect for any person, genie, or master!  

Genie's Bottle Room | The Roxbury Motel

Genie's Bottle Room | The Roxbury Motel

Miss Kitty’s Saloon (Room #22)

YEEE HAWW! For the next room, we’re going way out West to the root’n-toot’n, Gunsmoke-inspired, Dodge City’s own Miss Kitty’s Saloon. As red as Miss Kitty’s hair, this rouge room is fit for royalty, and has two bedrooms big enough for 4-6 cowboys or cowgirls. In a room this purty, what could be more perfect than a Susan Jablon sparklin’ red glitter glass tile bathroom? How about a red and gold glitter tile bar to match?

Miss Kitty’s Saloon | The Roxbury Motel

Miss Kitty’s Saloon | The Roxbury Motel

The Final Frontier (Room #23)

Your five-year mission for this next room is to have an out of this world experience! As should be pretty obvious by now, The Starship Roxbury will boldly go where no hotel has gone before! Although I never got a chance to board the Enterprise with Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock, I imagine that the center of the galaxy looks somewhat similar to The Roxbury’s Final Frontier, which comes complete with 2 full bedrooms and bathrooms, a shooting star ceiling, a Susan Jablon glow-in-the-dark glass tile wet bar,  and a bathroom design fit for Starfleet Headquarters. Don’t miss the hidden glow-in-the-dark glass tile message. Live long and prosper!

Final Frontier Shooting Star Ceiling

The Final Frontier Bathroom Design

The Final Frontier | The Roxbury Motel

The Noir Boudoir (Room #24)

You rang? Although the door may say â€œRoom 24,” when you open the door and walk in, you end up at 0001 Cemetery Lane.  Be prepared, this suite’s a tad bit kooky, mysterious and spooky, it’s all together ooky—The Noir Roxbury (snap, snap).  This elegantly wicked room design screams The Addams Family!  The amazing 20-foot ceiling gives this room a Victorian-era feeling, surrounded by ghoulish décor and a scary sparkling plum purple glitter glass tile wet bar . Gomez, Morticia, and Edgar Allen Poe would all be quite comfortable here, and you will, too. Upstairs, a blood-sucking bedroom has its own bathroom, finished with our beautiful iridescent oval black glass tiles. Meanwhile, the downstairs bedroom houses it’s very own full bathroom decked out in our 1-inch Bijou Black glossy glass tiles. Thing can sleep in a box on the end table.

The Noir Boudoir Downstairs Bathroom Design

The Noir Boudoir Upstairs Bathroom Tile

The Noir Boudoir Upstairs Bathroom Tile

The Noir Boudoir | The Roxbury Motel

Amadeus’ Bride (Room #25)

We end our tour today with a suite that is pure genius. Inspired by the 1980’s film Amadeus, this magnificent bridal suite is the Roxbury’s most extravagant. Although Mozart never lived this lavishly, we know that, if he could, he would have, for his wife Constanze. As classical as The Marriage of Figaro, you and your betrothed can revel in the gorgeous 18K gold leaf moldings surrounding the Roxbury’s very own hall of mirrors,  the glittering gold glass tile wet bar, and a 20-foot ceiling complete with a 200-pound grand Austrian crystal chandelier. What could make this room more high-class? How about an entire bathroom that glistens with our gold glitter glass tiles. Neither Vienna nor Versailles has much on this masterpiece.

Amadeus’ Bride Bathroom Design

Amadeus’ Bride Bedroom 1 Design

Amadeus’ Bride Room | The Roxbury Motel


This week we flew in on a flying saucer, found ourselves inside a genie’s bottle, rode on into the purdiest saloon, trekked through a whole new galaxy, screamed our way through Cemetery Lane, and enjoyed a Little Night Music… what more could there possibly be? Follow us, you never know what you're in for next week as we finish off our Susan Jablon tour of The Roxbury Motel.

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