A Night At The Roxbury Motel

This week, we have an extra special blog that is dedicated to a business that we have worked closely with for years. In over 15 years of tile designs, we have never worked with a business that so effectively used tile, decorating, and design to transform spaces into their own works of art! So prepare yourself for the wonderful, the wicked, and the just plain wild...The Roxbury Motel

Beginning back in 2007, Susan Jablon started a unique journey with Gregory Henderson and Joseph Massa, transforming their property into the one-of-a-kind Roxbury Motel. This "boutique motel resort" can be found amidst the breathtaking Catskill Mountains, in the historic village of Roxbury. As you approach the Roxbury Motel, you begin to enter an entirely new world, "from flowing hills to white water rapids to historical architecture, the area surrounding The Roxbury is ripe with intriguing views." The scenery is amazing, but it is the inside of The Roxbury Motel that is unforgettable.  

The Roxbury’s owners brilliant idea of creating not one, not two, but 28 (and still growing!) unique rooms inspired by films, cartoons, and classic television series from the 1960’s and 70’s, has made their hotel a must-see place to stay! A mix of their fabulous style and design, combined with the to-die-for colors and vintage textures, and our unique mosaic glass tiles, give each room a look that people can only explain with utter amazement! So prepare to be shocked, stunned and amazed as we give you a three-part mini-tour of The Roxbury Motel.


Fred’s Lair (Room #12)

Who ever knew that the town of Bedrock had it so good? Can you guess which show inspired this room? Yabba-Dabba-Doo… You guessed it…this Flintstones themed rock cave can certainly bring you all the way back to the Modern Stone Age. This room is a must see! Exceptional 3-D textured walls surround a soft, comfortable bed filled with seven different faux furs and, of course, our favorite part, a Susan Jablon white polished river rock bathroom! Sorry people, the shower does not come complete with an elephant trunk to spray, but the river rock’s massage on your feet does absolute wonders!

Freds Lair | The Roxbury Motel


The Mod Pod (Room #13)

One look at this totally groovy room will bring you right back to the psychedelic sixties.  Inspired by the set of Laugh-In, the Mod-Pod room is filled with unique patterns and plenty of color. For this bathroom design, we custom designed sheets of glass tile in a fun plaid pattern using our green, yellow, and orange bijou glass tiles. Now, that’s what I call tile work!

Custom Plaid Glass Tile Bathroom Design


Golightly-a-Go-Go (Room #14)

When Audrey Hepburn filmed Breakfast at Tiffany’s, maybe they didn’t quite mean waking up and eating inside of a Tiffany’s blue box. But this room is sure to have you feeling like a diamond. This room is perfect for a one-of-a-kind marriage proposal! As if the room wasn’t perfect enough, we added in our special style with Susan Jablon 1-inch aqua green glitter glass tile, for a sparkling Tiffany blue touch.

1-Inch Aqua Green Glitter Glass Tile Bathroom


The Partridge Nest (Room #15)

After experiencing “I Think I Love You” at first sight from this Susan Jablon tile design, this room started to come together.  Inspired by the Partridge Family bus, this bright and very geometric room came to life.  Blue, red, white, and yellow combine to create this fun and funky mosaic tile bathroom, perfect for this Mondrianique room. Love this tile design, but not with these colors? Did you know you can actually design your very own pattern using our custom mosaic designer? You have to try!

Susan Jablon Custom Mosaic Design for Bathroom


Samantha’s Cloud (Room #16)

This dreamy room is the last of today’s Studio Theme Rooms at the Roxbury, but not to worry--there are still even bigger and even more exciting rooms to come! Inspired by Bewitched, this nose-twitching room puts you right in Samantha’s shoes as she hobnobs above the clouds. Philadelphia Mural artist Chris Kanienberg painted the stunning ceiling, and the dreamy feeling of this room is only enhanced by our spell-binding 1-inch silver glitter glass tiles that shimmer in the light and sparkle around the beautiful white marble sink. It’s like a little slice of heaven.

1-Inch Silver Glitter Glass Tile Bathroom Design


Well folks, today’s tour of The Roxbury Motel ends here, but make sure you follow our blog and stay tuned for parts 2 and 3 as we unlock more fantastic Roxbury rooms with our fabulous glass tiles.


Interested in staying a night at The Roxbury Motel?

Check out their website at www.theroxburymotel.com for more information and feel free to call (607) 326-7200 or email info@theroxburymotel.com with any questions!


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