2016 Tile Trend | Much More Than Squares

Much More Than Squares

Color is not the only thing that can catch one’s eye in a mosaic. As demand for new looks in mosaic tile increased, new size and shape tiles have emerged!

When people think of glass mosaics, traditional square tiles come to mind. But times have changed. We pride ourselves on the selection that we can provide to our customers, and if it's shapes you want, it's shapes you got!

One of the biggest trends in 2015 was the new linear tile style. This gives a room an interesting and unique look. Along with linear tiles, we have quarter and penny round tiles, thin STIX stained glass tiles, oval tiles, and even fused circle tiles; just to name a few.

Feeling extra creative?
Throw different size and shape tiles together using our tile designer for a look that will captivate any eye.

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