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Add A Color "Pop"!

Although neutral colors give a timeless look for a great traditionally designed space, nothing catches the eye like bright colors. This trend is hitting homes hard as home décor is becoming more modern, bold, and expressive.

Colored glass tile helps you capture your personality and put it in your space, making it feel like your own special oasis. Create a calm space with cool blues, grays, and purples; or design your own spicy, eccentric area with bright yellows, oranges, and reds.

For those who are not interested in walking into a room that has a solid bright red wall, no problem! Colors look wonderful mixed in tile blends or are a great statement piece on their own. You can highlight a space with a colored border, mix the colors into an overall tile pattern, or design a show-stopping colored accent wall.

If you are searching for that new color trend, look no further! We have one of the most extensive glass tile color lines in the whole world.

Feeling creative? Mix your favorite colors together using our custom mosaic designer and get the perfect match for your room.

Don't know where to start? No problem, call Susan herself at 1-866-939-1033 or email susan@susanjablon.com and work with her to design your perfect match!

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