10 Ways to Improve Your Outdoor Oasis with Glass Tile

The stunning combination of tile beneath water is a style that dates back to ancient Greece and Rome. With this historical inspiration, modern-day homeowners are gravitating to glass tile, allowing them to create a luxurious masterpiece in their own backyard. Glass tile has transformed many backyard pools from simple swimming holes to works of art that take you out of this world. They have also incorporated tile into the space near and around the pool, creating a personal backyard oasis. Whether you are looking for vibrant sparkling colors, intricate and elaborate designs, or an underwater escape from reality, Susan Jablon Mosaics can help take you there!

Here are ten ways you can incorporate glass tile in your own backyard oasis

Outdoor Glass Tile Accent Wall and Path       10. Add An Accent Adding a beautiful garden to your pool area certainly adds a nice relaxing atmosphere. Don’t stop there! Take your oasis to the new level with a fun glass tile accent wall. This is a great focal point in any backyard as the beauty of the glass sets the perfect sparkling backdrop to any home garden. This homeowner even added in a shimmering glass tile path to match! Glow in the Dark Glass Tile Pool Design         9. Go for the Glow Add a new level of excitement to your nighttime swims and gatherings with glow in the dark glass tiles. These glass tiles appear in two different shades of iridescent blue (sky blue and turquoise blue) in the light and glow a beautiful blue in the dark. Not only do these tiles add an out-of-this-world look to your pool, but they are eco-friendly, and can cut your energy bill too!   Colorful Old Florida Glass Tile Waterline         8.Work the Waterline Love the look of glass tile, but on a budget? A glass tile waterline is the perfect way to get a fun glass tile finish and cut the cost. Choose from glass tiles in any color, or create a fun waterline with them all. Whatever look you want, you can get with our Custom Mosaic Designer. Custom Gradient Glass Tile Pool Design         7. Deep Blue Sea Many people love the way that glass tile can change the appearance of pool water.  With this in mind, we created a glass tile gradient that will make you feel like you are going deeper into the ocean or sea. This gradient design starts with lighter cobalt and aqua blue colors in the shallow end and, at the top of the deep end, it transitions down through deeper blues. Custom Checkerboard Pattern Pool Design in Black and White       6. Pattern Perfect Make a statement in any outdoor oasis with this stunning checkerboard pattern. Add extreme dimension with this mind-boggling design that spans across the entire area of this pool. The design begins in the spa with 1” x 1” glass tiles and is mirrored in the pool with checkered squares that make a 12” x 12” square.  Even better, we can recreate this design for you in ANY COLOR! Not a checkerboard fan? No problem… check out our Whimsical Garden flower patterns or even design your own polka dot pattern! Mosaic Glass Tile Fish Design For Swimming Pool         5. Swim with the Fishes Want something that is more custom than a pattern? Creating the perfect focal point for any pool is a breeze for designer Emily Jablon. Whether it’s a personal Koi fishpond design, a beautiful hibiscus flower, or an underwater sea world for your kids… our custom work knows no boundaries! We place these mosaic designs on mesh so they can be installed easily. Mosaic Glass Tile Water Feature For Pool       4. Add a Water Feature Everyone loves the beauty and Zen-like feeling that a waterfall brings to any outdoor oasis. Adding a glass tile water feature not only gives you the smooth running waterfall, but it stands as its own work of art. Sit back and admire the beautiful colors that show through the water as the glass tile breathes life into your space by generating new beautiful reflections. Create a water feature with tile that blends into your color scheme, or a sparkling attention grabber that stands out! Glass Tile Fire Pit in Swimming Pool Design         3. Burn Baby, Burn Make your outdoor oasis perfect for those summer nights with a stunning glass tile fire pit! These unique tiles look absolutely stunning as they absorb and reflect the light from the flames. Create a separate marshmallow-roasting fire area, or go all out and put the fire pit in a tiled water feature in the pool! Outdoor BBQ Mosaic Glass Tile Backsplash         2. What’s Cookin’ Every backyard oasis needs the perfect BBQ spot and bar to reenergize on a summer day! Our glass tile designs provide the perfect finish to any bar top or backsplash and they can withstand the off-season weather! Who ever said BBQ couldn’t be glamorous? Mosaic Glass Tile Waterside for Swimming Pool         1. Slip and Slide A waterslide is the perfect finishing touch to any family fun oasis! This fantastic mix of blacks, greys, blues, and whites give this fun design a sophisticated look that mom and dad love. Just be careful-- these glass tiles are slippery when wet!

No matter what look, style, or theme you are trying to achieve in your outdoor oasis, at Susan Jablon Mosaics we are here to help.  

Need more outdoor and pool glass tile inspiration? Check out our Houzz Gallery and Our Outdoor Installations Gallery.

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