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Hell's Kitchen

For the past ten years Susan Jablon has used her creative, unique eye to create the glass tile blends for the exquisitely tiled kitchens and  dining rooms on Fox's hit culinary reality show Hell's Kitchen. On the show, aspiring chefs face off in a series of competitions with hopes of becoming  the head chef of a new Las Vegas restaurant. Susan helps to set the battlefield using vibrant, eye-catching red and blue blends that not only dramatically divide the kitchen perfectly in half, but define the teams as well. The contrast that Susan highlights between the blends on each season heightens the mood for this dynamic, competitive show.

Hell's Kitchen Season 13

The exposure that Susan Jablon Mosaics receives as each episode of Hell’s Kitchen is aired is enormous. The more popular the show becomes, the more people are amazed with the one-of-a-kind craftsmanship that Susan's work embodies. Susan admits that designing for television is very different than creating blends for a home or business installation. Nevertheless, Susan has found ways to create eye-popping blends anywhere, including on these sets, with her unmatched ability and experience.

The producers loved her work in the kitchens so much that they had Susan create blends for the formal golden-yellow dining room as well. This room features 10,000 square feet of Susan's elegant Shimmerfly tiles. Susan's endless options and unique eye make Susan Jablon Mosaics the perfect choice for this atmosphere. You can bring Hell's Kitchen into your own home or business as the blends Susan uses from each season have been made available for purchase. And don't worry if the featured red-and-blue color scheme doesn't suit your kitchen; Susan Jablon Mosaics offers over 100,000 differentHells Kitchentiles and blends, along with the option to customize your very own blend using the most advanced tile designer. Need more inspiration? Make sure to check out Susan's amazing work highlighted in her online gallery!

The heated competition and equally hot kitchen design make Hell's Kitchen a 'can't miss' show. Tune in weekly to Fox (Tuesdays at 9/8c) to catch the latest season and the latest unique design by Susan Jablon Mosaics. For more information check out the show's web site