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Awards and Articles 2011-2012

All tiled up mosaic glass fireplace




Susan Jablon Mosaics’ product was featured on All Tiled Up in the Fall of 2011 as the perfect visual to surround a fireplace.







 GE Magazine glass tile backsplash


Susan Jablon Mosaic’s products were scattered throughout the Fall 2011 edition of the GE Catalog of Appliances.


GE Magazine White shimmerfly kitchen glass tile backsplash




Remodeling Glass tile backsplash

Remodeling highlights how using our beautiful glass tile product can make a space unique and interesting, no matter what size it is.



This Old House spread mosaic glass tile backsplash

The 2012 Spring-Summer issue of New Old House features Susan Jablon Mosaics’ products in a double page layout, showing once again that it is the essential finishing touch to complete any kitchen!