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Kitchen Stove mosaic glass tile backsplash



"The remodel of the kitchen actually started with a picture on Houzz of this very tile.  I purchased it almost 6 months before we started the project.  The next purchase many months later was the quartzite unintendingly found during a quick visit to a granite warehouse.  Appliances were next with a steam oven and an induction stove top.  We then had help from a Fieldstone rep to tell us how to lay it out.  We made our changes and we're off in mid-Feb.

The whole thing started with the tile from Susan Jablon.  When people come over they are blown away by it.  The glass just shines and illuminates a previously very dark awkward kitchen.  We are obviously very happy with the purchase even if the "pillows" were a bit tedious to grout.
The final result was well worth the effort.  Love it!  I hope you sell a ton of tile." -Candis
Blue and Pearl glass tile backsplash
"We re-modeled our kitchen last October. This was last room in the house to get this kind of attention, and it hadn't seen a significant remodel in at least 60 years. We had countertops that were straight from the 50's - pink with little white Jetson's boomerangs. Although we were sad tosee the kitchen go, we were excited to finally build our perfect kitchen.
We used Susan Jablon for our tile backsplash, we found the website through Houzz.com. We used the custom mosaic tile designer tool on the website, because we wanted something unique. We wanted a backsplash that had character but that wouldn't overwhelm our kitchen - so we selected recycled glass tiles in cobalt blue and pearl white (so we have a little bit of iridescent shimmer on our backsplash). With our under cabinet lighting, our gorgeous backsplash makes our kitchen feel like a peaceful blue aquarium. 
The prices for the tile we chose were right in line with other tile we looked at. The company was responsive when we contacted them. The custom design tool was perfect for us, we were able to make something exactly right for our space at a reasonable cost. We get a lot of compliments about our new kitchen, and we get to brag that we designed our own tile backsplash - priceless! 
We just can't say enough nice things about our experience, we were so glad to find you!" - Jane C.



Full Kitchen with Mosaic red and black blend glass tile backsplash



 "We remodeled our home in 2013 and custom designed our tile from Susan Jablon...and we absolutely LOVE IT!!!

We can't express enough how much we love our tile, the fun and creative control of using the "Custom Mosaic Designer", and the entire experience of ordering from Susan Jablon. Plus, it is so fun to tell people that "we designed" our mosaic tile backsplash...and that they too can have a custom designed tile from Susan Jablon.
Our choices were deliberate...I wanted a "blue-based" red...we chose a mauve red to represent the color of the cabinets, we chose black to represent the color of the countertop, we chose the stainless steel to represent the appliances, we chose a sparkle red because I like to walk past jewelry store windows and see the sparkle of the diamonds. Once we got the sample...we were thrilled! The pattern makes me happy! It is warm & cool, subdued & dazzling, coal & diamonds, sophisticated & modern.
The tile makes the difference between a "pretty" kitchen and a "GOURGEOUS KITCHEN"!!!" -Rita M.


"Susan, Thank you so much for helping us complete another beautiful project!  The tiles arrived in Hawaii in perfect shape, and the extra loose tiles were very appreciated and used.  

The sound wave backsplash was designed perfectly by your on site architect, what customer service! Thanks for all of your help-- Chris"


"Truthfully never had so much fun designing the tile patterns online!  We did 2+ bathrooms too with different patterns.

It's been a long time but wanted to let you know just how much I enjoy final result.
Wish we could be doing this all over again." -Sandy H.


"Thank you Susan for all your help! Definitely worth the wait! 

I have passed your web site on to friends :-). Your business is the most creative glass tile
business in the world!  Thank you so much for your fantastic customer service and design work!" 


"I love the mosaic tiles I purchased from you for my kitchen.  I have nothing but raves from friends and family and my backslpash looks fabulous!"


"I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for working with us. You were so helpful in every aspect of the process, from start to finish. It was like having an artist and interior designer all in one."


"Hi Susan, The Begonias sample just came, moments ago. I couldn't wait to write and tell you that I AM IN LOVE. It is soooo beautiful."


"I really appreciate your help Susan, for you to go to Home Depot and get the paint chip colors to match my tile to and do what you're doing to help me is more than usual. It says a lot about you and your company and how committed you are to your business. I'm glad I found your website. I'm glad I'm doing business with you."


"I love your site and had fun designing my own unique tile. I have a friend who is just about to start a kitchen reno and wants to place an order with you too. I am so looking forward to seeing this when it is all gorgeous."


"Thank you Susan! I cannot wait for my next tile shipment! You sell the most beautiful product! My last installation is so magnificent (Black eyed Susan mix) that people actually come over and ask to see the floor because they have heard about it from others who have been to my home. Now they will have something else to stop in and see! Lol! Thanks again!"


"Susan, We just installed the frosted white (light green) tile. My husband is thrilled with the result. He is very exacting. I am also pleased, but in another life might have chosen the bright white — but the green is so soothing and soft. Our contractor, who does remodeling (5 stars on yelp), rave reviews from all, was impressed with the quality, price, and customer service. "


"We are so delighted to see how beautiful the tiles look. As you know, it's hard to expect the same thing when you buy things online. But your product is beyond expectations. I love every design and the color of each tile, especially the biggest sky blue tiles. They brighten up the walI. I wish you sold those sky blue tiles in bigger sizes like 6x12 or 3X12 because we just bought wall tiles similar to them, but I love yours more. In fact, when we saw your borders online, we fell in love with them right away. We told ourselves that we would need to find matching wall tiles for this border no matter what. We changed our minds many times about purchasing other matching wall tiles, but for yours we've never had a second thought. When we are done, we will go to Yelp and Houzz to give you excellent rating so customers should trust what they see in your products. Great job! Thank you."