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Susan Jablon: Articles and How-To's

Grouting Techniques

Grout should only be applied to clean, dry tiles. Use an upward motion to spread grout across tiles. Grout should first be applied at a 45-degree angle and then with a back-and-forth motion until it is evenly distributed between tiles. Grout should then be left to set for 15 minutes.

Once the grout has begun to cure, the remaining excess grout must be removed. Using a dry paper towel, wipe the surface of the tiles, until it is clean. Any grout left to dry on tiles will not be removable once it is set. Use dry paper towels (and lots of ‘em!) to work off the grout residue. Grout should then be left to cure for 2-3 days (or more depending on the installation). During this period, avoid walking on or applying excess pressure to tiles. If they must be walked on before the grout is fully cured, lay a piece of plywood over tiles to lessen the impact.

Learn from common mistakes instead of making them yourself. Here’s a list of tips that we’ve collected from years of experience with the how-to of grouting glass mosaic tiles.

  • For a preview of a finished grouting job sprinkle a teaspoon of dry grout in the grout lines between tiles. This is what your grout will look like when it has been installed and again dried. Ensure your grout color perfectly compliments your tile blend before you actually grout!

  • Thoroughly clean grout from the surface of all tiles before it sets. Set grout cannot be removed from tiles… period. (If grout becomes set on tiles the installation must be torn down and repeated.)

  • Never throw any left over products that have grout on them, down a sink or down any drain or toilet. Grout will live happily forever after on your pipes and ruin your plumbing. It is a great idea to use old buckets and old materials to grout with and dispose of everything in your trash when you are done.


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"Working with Susan was an absolute joy and my blend came out PERFECT!"

About a decade ago, Susan Jablon re-ignited her life-long passion for mosaics and has built a customer-focused, artist-driven, business offering you the very best in glass and decorative tiles and mosaics.

We are a glass tile store committed to excellence both personally and professionally. With lines of 100% SCS Qualified recycled tile, 12 colors and 6 shapes of mirror, semi precious turquoise stones from Arizona mines, to color changing dichroic glass.. stainless steel tiles in 8mm and 4mm and 12 designs within each, and anything you can dream of customized, we have the perfect solution for you or your customer.

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