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Susan Jablon Tile Ideas By Room:

Glass Mosaic Tile in Living and Family Rooms

Living and family rooms are traditionally central areas in the home, shared by the entire household. In recent years, as open design has become more popular, living and family rooms have become incorporated into great rooms: a combined living room, dining room and kitchen area. Great rooms are an excellent place to use glass mosaic tile walls and backsplashes to tie spaces together for a unified feel.

A family room must be designed to be welcoming and inviting. Whether the primary purpose of the room is to watch TV or to entertain guests, this open area must be designed to serve multiple functions and support moderate-to-heavy traffic. A family room creates a pleasant ambiance, morning, afternoon and evening, all year long.

Incorporating glass tiles into living and family room design is a great way to create a unique and creative living space in old and new, traditional and modern homes alike. The versatility of glass tiles, which can be produced in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and textures, ensures they will fit seamlessly with wood, stone, carpet, and paint, making them a great choice for accent pieces and surface coverings alike to create homey environments with style and flair.

For living and family rooms with fireplaces, consider using glass tiles as firebox borders. Tiling a mosaic design will give the room a focal point and create a color palette to work with when considering paint, and fabrics. Durable and stain resistant glass tile floors are a great choice for rooms frequented by children.

A creative alternative to (easily damaged) carpeting, is to create an intricate, oriental- inspired ‘mosaic carpet’ and use a simple blend of larger 2” tiles as a room border. Tiles also look great when used for details in room designs. Try using a small-tile mosaic border around light fixtures or door frames.

Be traditional: Use white glass tiles around fireplace hearths or create a child-resistant glass mosaic tile floor using 2” glass tiles.

Be adventurous: Create a unique mosaic carpet or incorporate a room design's color palette with simple mosaic accents on light switch covers or on window sills.


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About a decade ago, Susan Jablon re-ignited her life-long passion for mosaics and has built a customer-focused, artist-driven, business offering you the very best in glass and decorative tiles and mosaics.

We are a glass tile store committed to excellence both personally and professionally. With lines of 100% SCS Qualified recycled tile, 12 colors and 6 shapes of mirror, semi precious turquoise stones from Arizona mines, to color changing dichroic glass.. stainless steel tiles in 8mm and 4mm and 12 designs within each, and anything you can dream of customized, we have the perfect solution for you or your customer.

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