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In the Media

“It’s thrilling in the beginning. The first time you see your art on TV,” Susan Jablon recalls her first experiences working on TV shows. Only a few years after opening her online glass tile company, she began receiving calls from television producers and designers looking to use her work. Home renovation shows were a new phenomenon at the time, and it was a thrill for the (then) small company to be involved in the early stages of what has become a very popular TV genre.

TLC While You Were OutSusan Jablon first started working with design networks like TLC and HGTV. Her tiles were showcased on popular makeover shows: Trading Spaces, While You Were Out, and Moving Up, to name a few. Her work—beautiful tiles, great designs and exceptional service—didn’t go unnoticed and soon major networks were calling. Word-of-mouth recommendations from producers and TV executives soon landed her jobs working with major networks shows, most notably Extreme Makeover Home Edition and Hell’s Kitchen. From home renovation to reality shows, Susan Jablon’s beautiful glass mosaic tiles have found their way onto an impressive number of programs over the years.

Hell's Kitchen Susan JablonSo how is designing for TV different from individual projects? At Susan Jablon Mosaics, the answer is "not much." Just like a typical designer or homeowner, producers contact Susan, propose an idea, discuss it until they find something that will work, and Susan Jablon creates the blend. Susan Jablon Mosaics treats every project the same, regardless of how big or small the installation. Aside from the initial excitement of seeing your art on the screen, and the promo value it brings, a customer is a customer.

Showcasing Susan Jablon Mosaics tiles on popular shows has had a huge influence on the growth of the business. An unexpected "perk", the first time her gorgeous tiles aired on the small screen, her website got so many visitors all at once that it crashed! Fortunately, with our new web site, we can now handle all the traffic the networks can send our way. With every new appearance, hundreds of thousands of people are exposed to the beautifully vibrant tile blends and thousands come looking for Susan Jablon Mosaics online. In response to the overwhelming demand, Susan now offers blends similar to the ones created for the TV shows, and includes pictures of the installations in her Picture Gallery.

And though Susan says that receiving calls from producers is still very exciting, in the end every customer's job is both a joy and a challenge. The same design process is used to create a fantastic finished product, whether it’s showcased on television or not.

Read more about the great home design shows that have showcased Susan Jablon Mosaics' beautiful glass tiles: Hell’s Kitchen, Extreme Makeover Home Edition, Trading Spaces, While You Were Out, and Moving Up.


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"Working with Susan was an absolute joy and my blend came out PERFECT!"

About a decade ago, Susan Jablon re-ignited her life-long passion for mosaics and has built a customer-focused, artist-driven, business offering you the very best in glass and decorative tiles and mosaics.

We are a glass tile store committed to excellence both personally and professionally. With lines of 100% SCS Qualified recycled tile, 12 colors and 6 shapes of mirror, semi precious turquoise stones from Arizona mines, to color changing dichroic glass.. stainless steel tiles in 8mm and 4mm and 12 designs within each, and anything you can dream of customized, we have the perfect solution for you or your customer.

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